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Below The Bottom Line

Latest DD Equine Videos

Introducing an equine insurance solutionBrad & Dale discuss race trainers and business issues
Brad Purvis is joined by Dale Monteith and they discuss issues impacting race trainers and their business.

Equine Charity - What is Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria all about?What is Project Hope all about?
Brad Purvis, Partner at DD Equine Accountants & Advisors, speaks with Linden Hearn, Vice President of Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria about the organisation.

Volunteers and Equine - Project Hope Horse Welfare VictoriaProject Hope Horse Welfare Victoria
Anna Beard speaks with Renee Neubauer, Representative Member at Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria, about her role at the organisation and the organisation's work.

Equine Rescue -Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria and The Spaggles' StoryProject Hope and The Spaggles' Story
Anna Beard discusses one of Project Hope's inspiring rescue stories- The Spaggles' Story, with Renee Neubauer, from Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria.

Brad Purvis and Dale Monteith talking racing and businessBrad Purvis and Dale Monteith talking racing and business
Brad Purvis and DD welcome Dale Monteith, former CEO of the Victoria Racing Club, to their team in his new role as Consultant.

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The Cup - How does the Race that stops a Nation help the Nation?

Brad Purvis CPA and Dale Monteith from DD Equine shed some light on the financial benefits that the Melbourne Cup brings to Victoria and the Nation generally.

Supporting the Equine Industry

Project HopeDD Equine supports Project Hope Horse Welfare Victoria and donates an amount to this charity from referral fees it may receive from its equine professional partners, including insurance providers, mortgage and finance providers.
By utilising the DD Equine professional network you too will be supporting Project Hope and in turn assist the broader equine community.