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Corporate Advisory

We have considerable expertise and capability in the following advisory areas:

Sale and Acquisition of Business's

We act for many clients involved in the acquisition of a business and or the sale of their business.

We often assist our clients with the due diligence required when considering an acquisition and provide valuable input relating to the structuring of the transaction. In addition we work closely with all parties including our client's legal practitioners to ensure that a seamless outcome is achieved.

For those clients who are undertaking a sale of business, we often assist with valuation benchmarks, "what if" scenario modelling, determination of the taxation consequences of the intended sale, and we also assist in the development of a sale timeline and action plan.

As such, we often provide a project management role for our clients and all other key advisors to the transaction including business brokers, lawyers, bankers and investors.

Business Valuations

We often assist our clients with the preparation of business valuation models for the purposes of sale, partner buy out, partial divestment and restructure.

Joint Ventures

A number of our clients embark on ventures in partnership or in other structures involving one or more business partners.

We become involved in assisting our clients with the structuring of such ventures including the planning and formation, drafting of agreements and assist with the capital raising and or financing of the transaction.

In many cases we are also retained to act as the independent advisor to the joint venture and or associated boards of management.


With access to a number of institutional and private finance options we regularly assist our clients to arrange funding for a range of outcomes.

Capital Raising

We have direct access to the Australian Small Scales Offering Board (ASSOB).

We often assist our clients to attract the necessary capital to fund their new ventures. This involves start up and early stage capital.

Our Sydney office colleague Tony Camphin, together with our team, provide the direct access to ASSOB as they hold the registered ASSOB sponsorship status.


Often our clients will approach us to advise them on the most appropriate course of action to restructure their businesses, sometimes as a result of the entry of a new business partner or a new alliance, or during periods of planned and or unexpected change to trading conditions.

Board Advisor

With increasing frequency, we are asked to act as an independent board member, mentor or board advisor to our clients company's.

This provides our clients with another "set of eyes" at the board table, and introduces an impartial view.

As a result, we then become a valuable sounding board for the businesses key decision makers at the board room table.