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Audit Services

Audit & Assurance

Duncan Dovico conducts audits for private, public, not-for-profit and governmental organizations across Victoria. Duncan Dovico believes in working together with clients through frequent communication, financial performance review, trend analysis, and the provision of knowledgeable guidance that facilitates goal achievement. In addition, we serve as a strong, stable partner in helping our clients to strategically navigate the changing economic and regulatory environment.

Our range of audit and assurance services expands beyond the audit of traditional financial statements and includes:

  • Statutory audits
  • Agreed Upon Procedures Reports
  • Stock, debtor and other balance sheet account audits
  • Internal control reviews
  • Monthly Financial Statement Preparation

Why Duncan Dovico?
Duncan Dovico takes an interest in your business and its success. Working with you to ensure an efficient audit process, we provide valuable insights into your control and governance processes. We have the experience and expertise to assess your financial reporting requirements, provide technical analysis of the application of the accounting standards and assist with the preparation of statutory financial statements.

  • We’re right-sized for your organization
  • We’re known for our audit experience
  • We’re flexible in scheduling our site work
  • We’re based within the communities we serve