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WARNING: If you run a small business, using your premises to generate non-business income might mean more tax when you sell

Who should read this article?
If you, or an entity you control, own business real property that you plan to sell or transfer one day in the future, you should read this article on whether non-business income (e.g. rent, agistment revenue, storage fees etc.) earned from that property may result in a significantly higher tax bill when you sell.

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Employee or contractor? Does it matter?

Who should read this article?
If you engage contractors in your business, are you confident that you are treating them correctly for tax purposes?  Are you withholding the correct amount of tax, and are you meeting your obligations to pay superannuation on their behalf?

If you operate in the building and construction industry, the ATO is paying particular attention.  It is also looking at call centres, cleaning, security, logistics, retail, tourism and hospitality, education, aged care, health and telecommunication industries.

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Buyer be AWARE!

Buyer be AWARE!There are many statistics being floated around in the
media about the state of the property market currently.

Key data reveals
that auction clearance rates late
spring 2011 were around 52% with between 700 and 900
properties offered for auction each weekend in November.

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Important Tax Planning Tips

For Individuals  For Business Owners

Which bank or switch bank?

Piggy BanksTimes have certainly changed within the lending and
banking space...gone are the good old days of long
term customer loyalty, of being able to speak to a
banker who knows you and your family, and of being
able to walk into a bank without a teller “selling you
fries” with your deposit or withdrawal!

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Australia's Best Golf Courses

Piggy Banksby Peter Wood
In Australia we are blessed with a good number of
wonderful golfing links. But how many of these are truly
world standard? In my opinion the collective group of
courses known as "the Melbourne Sandbelt" is one of
the premier golfing destinations in the world.

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Simon says ... Beef fillet rolled in herbs and wrapped in Kangaroo prosciutto

Simon BiddiscombeA fine recipe from Simon Biddiscombe.
Owner - Zacks Gourmet Meats Pty Ltd
1534 Main Road Research Vic 3095
Phone 9437 1851

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